Highest Quality Supplements

All vitamins and supplements are made in the US using US ingredients when available. Each Max Muscle Product is tested by 3 independent parties to ensure the highest quality vitamins and supplements  in Omaha.

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Custom Fit Meal Planning

Meet with one of our Certified Nutrition Specialists to come up with a nutrition plan that is custom fit to meet your goals. In doing so we also work on teaching you about food and how to Build A Lifestyle for Life!

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Since 1991

The Max Muscle Difference

Max Muscle Metro (Omaha/Papillion-LaVista) wanted to bring a whole different, and oddly, a forgotten philosophy to the residents in the Omaha Metro. Knowledge and customer service above all. We keep in our minds that the client/customer owes us nothing. It is we who owe them everything. After all, it is our clients that make it possible for our passion to be our profession. When you walk into a Max Muscle Metro location, we guarantee old fashion customer service. A large part of that customer service is knowledge of not only the nutrition supplements, also, the most important part of the health and fitness equation, nutrition.  We can offer the customer an experience like they have never received in this industry. We will not sell “lies in a bottle”. Rather, we will provide the consumer with solutions and help to teach a lifestyle that will not only help them reach their goals, but maintain and build on them as well. We take a health first, vanity later approach. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the quick fix to look a certain way. That goes for whatever fad diet comes down the pipeline or new special breakthrough in a bottle someone comes up with. It is our mission to have the most informed customers around. Knowledge is power. In this case, the knowledge of food and how it works in the body is an invaluable tool to make health and fitness a lifestyle. This is why we rely heavily on our Nutritional Blueprint program.

The Nutrition Blueprints are programs specifically customized and tailored for each person’s individual goals and lifestyle. We don’t have a special name for “our diet” because it is not a diet. It is a healthy approach to knowing and understanding food. Thus, make it a lifestyle. We make it priority number one to teach our clients why we have them eat a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. We include a Max Nutrition Plan binder filled with educational tools and recipes. We do weekly follow ups to continue to educate and assist our clients in making the necessary lifestyle transitions to be successful with their journey. Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles are not established overnight and, therefore, a new healthy lifestyle is not going to happen overnight. The weekly assessments are great in holding our clients accountable while measuring their progress via body-fat and tape measurements. We truly invest in helping our clients make it a lifestyle. After all, if it’s not a lifestyle, it’s not for life!