2016 MaxFormation Champ

No Cookie Cutter or Fad Diet! 

The foundation of our Nutriton and Meal plans is education. Teaching you how food works in your body so it's no longer a guessing game or a temporary diet. Knowledge is power. We want you to know the "why." Why protein is important. Why fat is important. Why carbohydrates are important. If we stopped eating every nutrient that has been demonized we would all starve to death. One of the most common comments we receive from our clients is; "I can't believe how much food I get to eat!" We believe the human body, your body, was designed and is capable of amazing things. Your body is a high performance machine. It's time to start fueling it as such so you can get the high performance output you desire. This is an analogy we always like to use; if you have a really fast car with all the upgrades to ramp up the horsepower but don't put high quality gas and oil in it, you're robbing it's performance ability. No quick fix. No fad diet. Work with us to build a healthy lifestyle you can maintain. After all, if it's not a lifestyle, it's not for life. 

Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, our nutrition blueprints can work for you. We have worked with all types of clients from an Olympic athlete, UFC fighters, NFL athletes, CrossFit athletes, youth athletes, postpartum mothers, all the way to everyday people just wanting to reach their health and fitness goals. The plan is tailored to you, your goals and what you are able to do. You will never get maximum return on your time and sweat at the gym without proper nutrition. We will provide you with the tools to achieve real and lasting results! Call or visit a location near you to set up your first consultation!


8 Week Jump Start

  • comes with 3 free products

12 Week Lifestyle Transformation

  • comes with 4 free products

26 Week MaxFormation

  • comes with 5 free products

All Plans Include:

  • Initial assessment (60-90 mins)
  • Educational binder
  • SMART goal setting
  • Recipes
  • Weekly check ins (time varies on client needs)
  • Full access to interactive meal planning software
  • Unlimited support from experienced Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Knowledge to maintain healthy lifestyle habits

Custom Fit Nutrition & Meal Planning Right Here in Omaha

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